Thursday, May 10, 2012


Can you guess what is in the packet? The ketchup on the table is a clue. The only time I ever eat ketchup. The knife is not necessary. More of a prop. I have always made these things this way. I might be re-thinking that. 


  1. Meatballs. Not Swedish. Paired with a nice cheap chianti or valpolicella.

  2. Not a clue.

    The only time I eat ketchup is with cheese on toast. I guess it isn't that. Whatever it is, it warrants a glass of wine so maybe John's right???

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  4. I was thinking baked potato.

  5. Interestingly, ketchup is derived from the Chinese word " k'ē chap", which means "sauce for meatballs."

  6. The meatball guesses are on the right track.

    It's a hamburger. So wrapped because after assembling them with pancooked patties and caramelized onions, I put them into a blazing oven to melt the cheese on top. However this has the undesirable effect of steaming the whole burger slightly. They are delicious, and juicy, but I think I have to melt my cheese under the broiler.

    And we'll be talking meatballs, soon.


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