Thursday, April 21, 2011

On the street

We walked out today to go and visit our new little friend, Vi ("Vee") who is ten days old.

Outside the apartment-buildings-with-no-name the cherry is in bloom. I have no good pictures of it. The building's bricks don't help and there always seems to be a white sky above. I think the answer might be a7am photocall.

On Bergen the short-lived pear blossom is already giving way to green leaves.

After our visit we headed back to the subway on West 23rd Street.

And by the time we were back in the hod the light had changed.

After picking up some dinner fixins' at Union Market, where the incredibly rude bakery guy was barked at by Vince, who never barks at anyone, we did our usual butcher-baker-candlestick-maker tour of stores for dinner. Here for vegetables, there for coffee, elsewhere for rolls, farther on for South African Shiraz...

On the last stretch the Zelkovas looked positively pretty, in a green, lacy way. Maybe I am beginning to soften up on them, too. 


  1. The Hood looks gorgeous! You wouldn't believe the Fern babies are growing strong. Soon they will be teenagers.... :)

  2. Does going on a walk with you consitute "going on a walk" chez moi? There are more blossoms in your hood, but I can't get my groceries in Brooklyn.... (BTW, the bright pink cherry looks like a weeping Higan - P. subhirtella 'Pendula' - that's been pruned so its lovely sweeping branches don't hit the faces of the people-in-the-no-name apartment.)

  3. Heavens! That bakery guy must have been a shocker to elicit a bark from Vincent!

  4. I'm glad, Monica! good luck with the teenagers. There's a high incidence of pregnancy, I hear :-)

    Janet - Thank you again! Do all P. subhirtella bloom a bit in fall, or not necessarily? This one doesn't...

    Beence - Miaow!

    dinahmow, yeah, really. Sometimes it's hard to tell whether customers are important to the business at all. Vince leaned over the counter to touch a plastic bag - to show me which bread he was talking about and a guy 20 feet away yelled, yelled, I say, DON'T TOUCH THE BREAD! I wasn't touching it, goddamnit, uttered the never-irate Frenchman. WHAT DID YOU SAY??? yelled the bakery guy.

    Unbelievable. Customer service a farce. I would le fire the man on le spot.

  5. First the forsythia and now the Zelkovas. You are getting mellow! What a pretty day. perhaps that turned your head?

  6. The only fall-bloomer is P. subhirtella 'Autumnalis', to my knowlege. There are a few cultivars of the weeping Higan cherry, the single-pink 'Pendula Rosea' and the double-pink 'Pendula Plena Rosea'. Photographing the latter is like being under a massive waterfall of tiny tissue-paper roses.


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