Monday, March 7, 2011

Sake-steamed chicken

Because of the gorgeous picture above, Melissa Clark's sake-steamed chicken is what's for dinner tonight.

It just so happens that we have some Nigori (unfiltered) sake left over from the other night's Vietnamese meatballs...

The only thing I might change about the recipe is that I shall remove the skin, once steamed, and crisp it up, to serve as a crunchy garnish on top of the sliced meat.

Now I am off to find some winter aconite to photograph. I'll pick up a chicken on the way home. Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras). Get your pancake mixtures ready.


  1. Daai foto sou my ook oorreed. Hoe gaan dit met die geraas daar by jul?

  2. Oooh, that does look delicious.

  3. Ek lees gereeld jou blog en dit laat my net al hoe meer na New York hunker. Al was ek nog nie daar nie trek dit my aan, ek kan dit nie verduidelik nie. Ek's tans in Kaapstad en sou baie graag daar wil gaan werk vir n rukkie. Ek scope al reeds werk uit op die internet.

    Ag dis n lekker dagdroom! :) ek's mal oor jou blog! Doen so voort!


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