Sunday, February 13, 2011

Place setting

The tree's green leaves are reflected in the silver. We had a good lunch. The last guests just left. It is 5.30 in the pm.

I have packed a small picnic to take to Clifton so that Vince and I can say goodbye. My heart is sore.


  1. Sterkte. Ek dink aan jul. Dis nooit maklik nie, net verskillende grade van crap.

  2. Thank you for sharing this beautiful time and place.

  3. Bon Voyage.. . thanks for sharing the beautiful Cape of SA with me.. far away from 'home'.. now in Au.. Jean Wethmar - please reconnect soon to 66 square feet

  4. Oh, Marie ... just having seen the beauty of SA through your and Vince's blogs, I have an inkling of how much you love your home and miss it when you're back in NY. I guess the leavings will never be easy, but maybe that makes the return even sweeter. Thank you for sharing your other world with us.


  5. travel safely. thanks again for sharing during your leisure time.

  6. My heart is sore too. But as for the lunch under the tree, it was fantastic as always. You rock, Chef.


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