Thursday, February 10, 2011

Affogato and other cool things

 "Doodskoot" at Mariana's.

One of my favourite New York desserts, eaten at Al di La and 'inoteca, appeared on two Cape menus recently: at Uitsig in Constantia, and at Mariana's in Stanford.

I remembered Mariana's version - named Doodskoot (lit. "death shot", as from a gun) because of its accompanying shot of Grappa or Amaretto (I chose the former) - from about six years ago, when I ate there with my mother. I was able to replicate that meal to the letter last weekend: ajo blanco, jambon persillade (quivery morsels of ham in aspic, with parsley), and the affogato, above. Not sure if that menu ever changes, but it was nice.

 Vince's dive watch being cooled off so that it could measure ambient temperature. We thought it was lying when it said 37'C.

A farmer was selling his first-of-the-season hanepoot grapes about 50 seconds away, and I was sorry not to have found those highly perfumed grapes hiding beneath the the cool white soup in my bowl, below, but Mariana's version, with lemon oil dribbled over and ice cubes that melted in front of our eyes on a 37'C/98'F day, was good, if very light on the garlic.

I was so hot that another gasket threatened to blow and I prevented an explosion by rubbing ice cubes up and down my arms. They melted fast. Inbetween top ups of wine we rinsed our glasses with ice and water to cool them again. Within ten minutes the wine in the glasses would be lukewarm again.

Uitsig's Affogato, above. Espresso in this country seems uniformly good. Ice cream seems uniformly too sweet.

And soon it will be time for Re-entry.
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