Thursday, January 6, 2011

Silvermine's Amphitheatre Hike

Leucospermum cordifolium.

When the going got hot, we got hiking.

Senecio rigidus.

Carpobrotus edulis aka sour fig.

The beginning of the Amphitheatre footpath.

A short, steep, hot climb...

Looking down on the reservoir, hearing splashes and laughter from the cold water on the hot day.


Watsonia coccinea, I think. [Nope: W. borbonica, which has floppy flowers. See comments! Thanks, Marijks...]

Watsonia tabularis.

A lobelia, but which one?

Pink erica...

Growing only on the east facing parts of the path - Ornithogalum fragrans, I think.

Pelargonium pinnatum. I think.

Above, a new one for me in bloom in low bushes, Phylica dioica.

Abundant erica. I am hopeless with erica.

Mannus frenchus.

One entire curve of the Amphitheatre was dominated by these shrubs of Erica mammosa.

Erica as far as we could see. 

Pretty bushes of Psoralea pinnata.

Thereianthus bracteolatus growing on the path in the sand on the ridge.

A shrub high enough to be a tree, clinging to the rock, festooned with clean-air lichen.

Just two hours later we had come full circle and were back at the oven-hot car again where we drank our cold water greedily, slurped our chilled Ceres fruit juices dry, and chewed happily on two pieces of droewors. Then we raced home, windows down, cooling in the breeze, jumped in the swimming pool and sat sipping cold G&T's in our damp towels as supper time drew near.
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