Friday, December 3, 2010

Creme de Cassis

Gabriel Boudier Creme de Cassis, about 1 part to 5 or 6 parts of fizzy water, with a slice of lime.

This cassis, made by the maison of  Boudier, was bought for the label. It's beautiful, and apparently faithful to its 1874 incarnation.

I usually use cassis for Kirs (a slosh of cassis into dry white wine), but to taste it well I just mixed it with cold bubbly water  - it is 40% proof.

I also realized, when I did taste its rich syrupy black currant essence,  that I have not treated my perennial stock of cassis well: it must be refrigerated or it oxidises after few months. That would explain the brown edges in the decanter. It is a shame to keep this beautiful bottle in the fridge but I'll bring it out for parties.
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