Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas at Kirstenbosch

I have been watching the mountain for the last couple of days, waiting for some blue sky so that I could go back to Kirstenbosch, which lies at its foot, and take some more pictures. Yesterday was drizzly, and the mountain was in cloud. But today is gorgeous, and off I went. It's only about 5 minutes' drive from home.

I expected it to be deserted. But after an hour, during which I roamed up and down the slopes, from Pelargonium Garden to Peninsula Garden, from Colonel Bird's stream-fed bath shaded by tree ferns in a cool glade, to the hot fynbos slopes, dozens of families and groups of friends had arrived armed with picnics from home. 

Soon every patch of shade was occupied.

And by the time I left, just after noon, there was a traffic jam at the entrance. What a brilliant way to celebrate Christmas. And a lesson to botanical gardens world wide: Let them eat picnics!

There is no litter at Kirstenbosch Not a piece of paper. I did see one cigarette butt. There are no trash cans, either. One has to carry it all out again. BBG, NYBG, please take note:

Picnics are possible.

Now I'm off to drink some bubbly under the tree in the garden. Wish you were here.
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