Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Zucchinis and lists

The big question is, do we eat these now, or hope that they'll be alive when we come back from Rockport? We have a kind waterer and cat feeder for the duration of our little holiday, but still. It's the roof.

I know. Eat now.

The second zucchini plant is making masses of flowers, all male hitherto, but now I see some fruit starting. I wonder what took it so long? The squash is beginning to set fruit, too. The slow black cherry tomato is turning colour on its collection (I hope it lives), and the watermelon,'s depressed. If it could, I think it would throw itself off the roof, but it's tethered. The so-called patio tomato is making flowers, but that's all. No fruit. And it has mealie bugs. My first mealie bugs ever, so I'm quite excited. They must have come with it from Dig. I might go up and swipe them with alcohol later.

I must buy a stake for that plant: it's flopping
And sandwich ingredients for the train tomorrow. I like trains. Picnics on trains, especially.
Must brush the cat.
Buy a bottle of something good for our waterer.
Find my bikini.
Charge batteries for all cameras.
Get out Vincent's beloved thermos. He loves the thermos. It means Travel. Like a dog seeing its leash. I mean that in a good way. Dawn on Dune 45 in Namibia. On the road, at my feet. Crossing the Malotis in Lesotho. And Amtrack.
What else? Stuff. All the usual other stuff.

I will post from the road if I can, but might not.
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