Friday, August 27, 2010



  1. Say what you will about verbena bonariensis ( and you did) it's quite a crowdpleaser, bees, butterflies and goldfinches. Though it has taken over every square inch the bindweed hasn't.

  2. flwrjane is right...
    Side note: I don't think I have seen any butterflies around here (Vancouver, BC). I wonder why?

  3. Monarch on his/her way to Mexico? Amazing how critters find out where the food/nectar is, even in a city.

  4. You're right Jane, I know. Today it is aflutter with four kinds of schmetterlings.

    Anyes, could the season be over already, since you are cooler?

    QC - not a Monarch, this time (that would be nice!). Looking for ID - took more pics today.

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  6. Although Verbena bonariensis is becoming an invasive alien here in South Africa, I still like it because of its attractiveness to butterflies. V. rigida - not invasive here, would be a good substitute.

  7. No, Marie we were still quite hot at least until yesterday...I might be the only one not to have seen them around here, who knows?


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