Thursday, August 26, 2010

Roof farm bulletin

A miniature red pepper. These are the green bells that I hung onto, hoping for the redness that eventually came.

The biggest, slowest 'patio tomato' has about a dozen fruit. The mealie bugs have disappeared.

The yellow pear cherry tomato has the sweetest fruit, and has been a shy bearer. It seems more sensitive to drying out and the wind on the roof than the other tomatoes.

The black cherry. Beautiful on the inside, a deep dark green.

The cucumbers came out last night and the mesclun was sown.


  1. The yellow pear is tasty. Have you tried the Sun Gold yellow cherry? It is one we grow every year as it is as sweet as candy.

    We are growing the black cherry for the first time but it isn't as far along as yours.

    Have a good day.

  2. Yum! Do you need a lot of sun to grow tomatoes? I've got quite a shady garden and not sure if I could get fruit / veg growing out there?

  3. Hi Sherir - no, I have not tried that one. Yes, the black cherries do seem slow...

    P&P - I wish I could say yes, :-)Full sun, 6 hours, plus for tomatoes and most vegetables and fruit.
    It's worth figuring out exactly much sun you have...You might be able to grow amelanchier - June berries, which come in a variety of shapes and sizes from small shrubs to trees.

  4. I have a whole 1/3 acre and yet not as much sunlight as you! Glad to see that your tomatoes are still coming along well and that your the peppers are ripening.


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