Monday, August 23, 2010

Rockport in the sun

Click Play, then lower right square icon for fullscreen slideshow.

For the full story from the Frenchie's point of view, click on his story and pictures of Rockport, just posted.


  1. Stunning! Would love to see and smell and taste Rockport. The food looks lovely.

  2. Wow! Rockport blue is really something... and the flowers!

  3. I have never been to Maine-until now.

    Beautiful, and I too love that blue. Like Greece but with lobsters and sunflowers.

    Might have to go next summer. Looks idyllic.
    xo Jane

  4. Stunning photos! such blue blue skies and smooth water...and all those lovely flowers. (And one very handsome black and white cat...spray marking the rock??) Thanks for sharing the link to Beence's blog, too. Sounds like a really idyllic vacation!

  5. Thank you, everyone- more to come (the cloudy pictures, the marshy pictures)

    Jane it's the MA Rockport :-)I've never been to Maine, either...

  6. By the way, my favorite: the "round table" of chairs near Clammer's Beach (I looked it up ;-)


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