Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Meyer lemon decision

I'm going to buy it.

How can one live without a lemon tree?

It's for the leaves, too. Now, at last, I will be able make the marinade for braaied lamb chops and sosaties that makes all other marinades look foolish.

What about winter, you ask?

We'll deal with winter when winter comes.

The Eglantyne is coming out, the lemon will go in. I feel very bad about the rose: all the way from Texas. If you have home for it in full sun...?


  1. I'm sure Lemon Tree & Fig Tree and going to be best buddies. I wish I could help with the rose...no full sun here :-(

    We had your Spaghetti Bolognese sauce yesterday...Delicious...

  2. Can I add a rose note? Full sun, but preferably not high humidity.

    OK, so now I'm going to try my Myer leaves instead of lime for marinade. Never thought of them!

    Blogger will not allow my Wordpress name

  3. I'm glad the recipe worked out, Anyes :-) Say hi to the Stanley Park chickadees for me...

    Dinahmow - sorry about blogger - is it the Open ID option that won't work?

    High humidity is OK in summer as long as there is a cold, cold winter...

  4. my meyer lemon has been fragrant with blossoms for weeks and weeks. it's heavenly.

    i was inspired by thomas. :-)

  5. Well, maybe I'm not getting one - Left message at Liberty Sunset yesterday morning about availability and no reply yet.


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