Friday, August 20, 2010

Fall greens

Yee ha!

Three troughs sown, two to go.


  1. always amuses me when I overhear folks ask for 'mescaline' when they mean 'mesclun.'

    keep on keepin' on.

  2. THE BEST garden fare...salad greens! enjoy!

  3. FALL!greens. Amazing.

    PS. New Zealand Kiwis 4 for a buck, Golden Farm, Church Ave and # E 4th

  4. arcadia - ek wag nog om te hoor wat met die duiwe (!!!) en die konyn gebeur het. Ek dink ook jy behoort 'n column vir 'n kostydskrif of koerant te skryf. Jy skryf verskriklik goed. Die Afrikaans en die kos saam maak musiek.

    Melanie - yes, it's like people asking for Salad Niçoise (wah) instead of ...çoise, swaahs. And finding prosciutto spelled proscuitto (proskweeto)jejeje.

    Karen , yes, I love greens. I hope they do well and don't bolt at once.

    Frank - I know, too weird. How 'bout those strawberries? Want some? When you're back, of course.

    I think we should start a weekly deal alert thing. I constantly see things like your kiwis (except the kiwis!). Olive oil at the Pacific Deli on Pacific and Court Street for $9/34fl oz (1 litre). If we dashed all over Brooklyn we could save a lot, and get really thin, too.

  5. lovely fall greens-to-be! what's your interesting green drink?

  6. It's not so much the innocence about language and pronunciation as it is hearing the otherwise seemingly strait-laced Westchester matrons ask for and extol hallucinogenics. Organic, of course.

    It's interesting where the mind goes when confronted with something unfamiliar -- or almost, somehow, familiar.

  7. Melanie, ah, er..harumph, oh. Mescaline. I knew what you meant all along!

  8. QC - sorry, forgot to answer. I'm afraid it's nothing more or less than Ginger Ale, a current vice of mine, with lime and ice.


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