Monday, July 12, 2010

Farming on Sundays

In search of late summer vegetables for the farm yesterday I stopped at Dig on Atlantic Avenue. I had already tried my favourite GRDN and Tony's. Nothing in stock, but Chuck at Dig introduced himself and said he would get them for me. Today I went over to look at the offerings - not wonderful, but to be expected for this late stage of the season. I really appreciated his special-ordering for me, and then he also offered to deliver. Some peppers, some squash, an aubergine, a tomato of nondescript heritage that had been languishing in the shade behind the shop.

On close inspection on the roof the squash turned out to be infested with some white worms which were burrowing away into the stems, so I tossed three. In the end, not a bargain. But a start.

Don Estorbo in his new shirt decided to join the activities on the roof, from the terrace.

So did the Frenchie.

Can you see the cat on the terrace?

Look! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal! It has stripes, now. I know. I must not get attached: The stem nipper is still on the loose.

Tomatoes are scarletting.

It's not a very elegant farm. But it is growing. The new big pots are donations from Ellen (thank you!). They are filled with styrofoam peanuts to about a third of the way up.

The cat was very interested.

I heard cicadas last night. His favourite snack.

We had a lovely, long evening on the roof. The air was soft and moved from the water. Ferries, tugs, barges, taxis, pleasure boats, yachts passed by.

Gantry cranes on the left in Red Hook; the big white (Men in Black) monolith is on Governor's Island and takes care of the air for the Brooklyn Battery tunnel from the tip of Manhattan to Red Hook; then the cranes to the right are for continuing construction on the park along the Brooklyn waterfront. The lights across the harbour are New Jersey's.

Vincent, his wide angle, and glasses of bubbly.

Beautiful still night, perfect sky, stars out.

Time to go back in, for dinner.

We'll have more rooftop nights. They are indefinably bonding. Us to the city, us to each other, looking at the city, and the water. The cat to the cicadas.

Rooftops for everyone.


  1. A couple of those folding chairs in carry bags would be nice to take up there..... Bed Bath and Beyond in NJ had some for only $8 a week ago. Surprisingly tucked away in the "kids" section.

  2. Exactly what I was thinking, you need two weather resistant, indestructible "chaise longues", it can't be all about the vegetables :)
    (I leave mine up on the rooftop year round and they are fine, I recommend folding them when it's windy as they tend to "travel" around otherwise))

  3. I have to ask - what's with putting the cat in shirts? Surely he's got enough in his little fur coat...

  4. Pam and Lambert - Vince must be paying are reading his mind.

    Tzipporah - cat licks bald spots on his shoulders so is in shirt to stop the habit. See his blog for whole drama.

  5. LO-freaking-L. Excellent solution. Maybe I will suggest it to my sister-in-law, who has the same problem. Or rather, whose cat has the same problem. I doubt she could lick her own shoulders if she tried. And she usually wears shirts already... anyway...

  6. I just went by J&L today, I received a gift of every variety they had left on the shelves. ssshhhh, from aubergines to tomatoes, celery to peppers. Downside is they are all 12" or under. This is all for the Tilden farm.

    Looking good up there, nice to farm so close to home:)

  7. I am in love with your cat and your watermelonette :)


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