Sunday, July 4, 2010


...well, you see...

I'm expecting..., uh...first...





  1. Don't count your watermelons before they are huge - remember there's a Phantom Stem-Nipper!

  2. I know. Tell em about it. I'm getting depressed about my mini cucumbers, too. The stem nipper will get them, too.

  3. That's cute! I'm surprised by the fuzziness. Hope it stays safe.

  4. Congratulations on your "expectation". hairy little sucker, isn't "he". Can't wait to see how he grows.

  5. Can't wait to see it hanging over that red wall! I send you watermelon blessings to keep the stem-nipper away. I haven't heard about this here and I am a bug trapper for the Ag. Dept. I guess we only worry about what they WANT us to worry about: European Grape Vine Moth, Citrus Psyllid, assorted flies, moths, beetles, and sharp-shooters! Happy 4th.

  6. Cool! I've never seen a baby watermelon before, it's almost hard to imagine that those big, fat heavy things start out so small and cute!

  7. are you registered any where for a shower? that could come in handy.

  8. It is awfully hairy isn't it, but is that not true of most newborns?

    Teri, unlikely to reach the hot pink (I think) as it's above our heads on the sizzlin' roof.

    Donna, a shower, what a good idea. Let's see. Fertilizer, some compost, a hat, you think we'll ever reach stage?

  9. OMG, the lesser spotted furry watermelon!!


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