Friday, August 16, 2013

Let them eat lotus

At the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

But if you are in the mood for the aquatic flowers' interesting, edible rhizomes (or for pork buns, for that matter), you need to visit Chinatown. The seeds are edible too - I've seen recipes for their use ranging from soup [the link, Kitchen Tigress is worth a visit] to snacks, where they are puffed, like rice. They sound about as easy to handle as hominy (some of you may recall the epic, multi-day pozole I made, once, with heirloom, artist-grown Indian hominy): much soaking and cleaning.

The seed heads. Good design for shower heads.


  1. Bit more charming, but seed heads such as those always lead me down a dark road to more gruesome things like this:

    This is what I make with lotus pods, pincushions!
    Just started reading your blog, I a moving soon from a big house and garden to an apartment, thankfully with a large balcony which I expect will soon be as full as your 66 feet.

  3. Sigh... They are so beautiful but somehow mine do not seem to want to bloom this year. I once read somewhere that in Mandarin the word for shower head is actually derived from that for lotus pod. Not sure if that is true, though.


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