Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The scented terrace

The Abyssinian gladiolus (Acidanthera murielae) do not survive winter reliably in this climate. They did one year. The next, they did not. So now I plant new corms every late spring. 

They have a faintly detectable scent during the day, but at night it becomes powerful.

Plant for pleasure in your own particular darkness.


  1. "It was an Abyssinian glad,
    And on its dulcimer it plaid,
    Singing of Mount Abora ..."

  2. May they be brought in to overwinter?

    1. Yes, I think if they are kept dry they'd be fine. Maybe I'll dig them up this late fall and do that.

    2. Where did you purchase the bulbs?

      Wayne, pa

  3. We plant hundreds of these beauties every year (you're right, they don't reliably return) on the 16 acre estate where I work - known there as 'the seaside bulbs' because of the scent... : ) Ours aren't out yet but not long to wait!


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