Monday, August 12, 2013

Pots of flowers

When Estorbo is tired of wandering the roof, but can't get back inside because the sliding door is closed, he will sometimes park himself here, in his well-used ford in the tide of plants.

The seed-grown purple basil is making me proud. It is so perfectly purple. Just looking at it makes me want tender mozzarella. And figs. And tomatoes.

There it is again. But I think the chives, back left, need renewing.

Surprise. After being cut back the newest of my four clematis made it to the top of the climbing Iceberg. But what's its name? I have forgotten - I know it's from Glover Perennials, on the North Fork of Long Island.

The Iceberg itself continues to recover. Leaf cutter bee action on the right.

The fall anemones continue to bloom in summer. (Gloriosa tendrils in the foreground.)

And the unveiling...

It lives. The fig. After The Pruning, I admit I was worried. Root pruning plus severe branch pruning. I think we'll have ripe figs by late September.

And I can't wait.

Actually, I can.

Sometimes waiting for the good things is the best part.
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