Friday, August 16, 2013

A way to start

Good morning.


  1. Good morning to you, too! Thank you for this early jolt of beauty.

  2. What a pretty way to start the day. Thank you!

  3. Can I ask you what you do to keep your roses so pretty?! I have a rooftop garden as well in Toronto (you can see our blog here We mainly keep veggies but introduced a rose last year. It was beautiful year one but has come back small and stunted this year - no blooms :(
    Last winter I covered it in burlap and stuffed some hay in between the branches. I feel like it still probably got cold and that's why its so measly this year.
    Ultimately I'd like to bring in some beautiful climbing roses and blueberries and currants and gooseberries and the list goes on...but I'm not sure how to get them to survive our winter in containers.
    Any advice???

    PS. Thank you for your blog! Its a source of deep inspiration! Beautiful!


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