Saturday, August 17, 2013

Clematis Ramona

The name Ramona makes me think of an actress in a 50's movie, in a poofy skirt and serious lipstick, setting down a plate of spaghetti in front of a man with slicked back hair, his tie loosened at the neck, and a fan blowing in the window of a walk up. 

In fact, just like home, minus the slicked back hair and poofy skirt.

Thanks to reader Kathy Lilleskov for steering me to the forgotten name of this clematis, which I bought this spring. It was grown by Jim Glover out on the North Fork.

It is one of the Group 2 clematis - the three groups refer to their blooming and pruning schedules. Group 2's are cut back hard in late winter, and then again after their first flush of flower in spring.

Bee's Jubilee has also opened, on the other side of the terrace. Pictures to follow. She's the really gaudy one. Louder than Ramona.

More like Lucy.


  1. Love your Ramona she is occupying one of the apartments Jimmy Stewart peered into in Rear Window. My own Ramona is fighting a war of attrition with a Heuchera which I stupidly planted in the same pot. For years I have been debating whether to perform springtime surgery on their roots and send them into demilitarized zones or just let them battle it out. But lovely Ramona is losing the war....

    1. The Heuchera can be a real bully, as I realized this year, with one that resembles elephant ears...


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