Friday, August 30, 2013

Mint, and a new way to eat it

His and hers. Black currant gin martini and Pimms.

Guess which is which?

My friend Eric recently told me to make this salad (taught to him by Sina, a mutual friend, who is Iranian): watercress and mint - but more mint; feta (we all like the French feta from Sahadi's); lavash - that very flat bread that looks and feels like linen napkins; olive oil.

Wrap the oil-moistened leaves with some cheese in bites of the lavash. Eat.

That is all.

Last night I made it without the feta, and did shake some sherry vinegar over the leaves, contrary to instructions. It was wonderful.

Tonight, we'll eat it precisely as instructed.


  1. Marie - i don't know if you've come across this other food blog, Eating Asia? I've been following for a good six years now. Robin and David have spent a lot of time in China, Southeast Asia and Turkey, and like you they faithfully record (in amazing detail and photos) their travel and culinary experiences. Here's another idea for mint:


  2. Yours is the gin? : )

  3. Mint is the new basil for me.

    I have been putting it in everything, quinoa salads, cocktails, burrata and tomatoes, you name it. I love it growing in the garden!
    Have a great weekend.


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