Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Summer roses

My August roses, picked yesterday evening. They make me very happy.

Munstead Wood (red), Abraham Darby (pink), and Lady Emma Hamilton (seen in the reflection, only).

I wish you could smell them.

I was going to work today, but I may play hooky. I have a mushroom feeling. We have had showers.


  1. Lovely photo and the vase goes so well with the flowers.

  2. I love your pictures of roses grown in such a small space, Marie. If it counts for anything, I give you permission to play hooky, as long as you take your camera along with you!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous. The colours, the vase, the imaginary fragrance.

  4. It's been a busy week so I just caught up. The roses are lovely, just lovely. I would love to shop the Farmer's Market in Chinatown - here in Georgia we have all the wonderful basics - tomatoes, corn, okra, purple hull peas, eggplant, green beans, limas, peppers, etc. My 100 year old fig "bush" (well over 15'tall and very big around) is giving us about 2 gallons of figs each day right now. No counting of how many the birds eat! I am growing the same purple basil as I see in your pictures - also from seed. I plan to make purple basil jelly later in the season. Have you ever tried or tasted? It will be one of my new experiments for this season. And finally the book - how exciting for you. I am anticipating the September 3rd release. A gift to myself. Thank you for sharing.

  5. gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS !!! photo, vase & roses

  6. Isn't that my favourite vase? The one that should have it's own show? Very pretty scene : )

  7. oh the roses are beautiful. they must smell heavenly. yesterday i got a bad diagnosis of witch's broom on my climbing rose. they look bizarre and apparently the cure is removal down to the roots. then burn or throw in trash all.
    i am also eagerly awaiting my pre-ordered book!

  8. That munstead wood is such a gorgeous, rich colour. I've been wild about the soft pink david austins, but I think I'm going to start a whole red frenzy :)


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