Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Homeward bound

We are headed to Cape Town, but will blog from the road as time allows. There won't be much time. We are only in town for a week. And yesterday's triple water main break, with eight men and an excavator in the middle of one of my mother's flowerbeds might mean that we hit the ground with gumboots on and shovels at the ready. 

Sunday is the Big Bash - on my mother's birthday, but all the bells and whistles are to celebrate my father's 80th birthday, actually on the 29th, the day we land. 

We will stay close to home with the exception of a quick trip up to Paternoster where I want to introduce Vince to Oep ve Koep, the restaurant I fell in love with earlier in the year, and where we'll meet our Koringberg friends for lunch. We'll spend the night in town, so that my husband, who is part fish, can wake to the sound of the sea. 'Wake' being the operative word: the last time we slept in Paternoster I slept while Vince stayed awake - I heard noises all night and had a bad feeling (presumably all in my head) and in the end he gave up and stood and sat guard the whole night long. The next day dawned beautifully. Vince passed out. 

This time, our night at The Oyster Catcher will be a little different.

Such a brief visit is bittersweet. But we will squeeze out every drop we can get. Next year, we mean business.


  1. Your poor mother! I know what such disasters can do. Wish her a happy birthday, with crossed fingers!
    Bon voyage!

  2. Marie, safe and joyful travels. I know the feeling of short family trips too well. Enjoy every minute, and please send my love to your parents and their gorgeous (if a bit sodden) garden.

  3. Enjoy your time with your family at home in Cape Town. It looks like a magical place. I am terrified of the long plane ride and then more to get there, but it is my list.
    Looking forward to your posts from the homefront!

  4. Your friend Kobus has become my current gastronomic obsession. He’s like the Thoreau of the culinary world – teaching us how to relate to nature, one plate at a time.

    Have a wonderful time!

  5. It's so fun to see your spirit ready to put on gumboots, or to jump in every way you possibly can. I hope every minute is delightful, as you say.

  6. I can sense that Vince is indeed a worthy sentry, and we all rest comfortably with the knowledge you are eternally safe with the Frenchman on the "que vive."

  7. Happy birthday to both your parents. So glad you are there to celebrate with them.


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