Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Aging Halloween

This is the block - down which I have not walked since it happened - where a man died this summer, in a bad night storm, struck by stones that tumbled from the steeple, in its turn struck by the bolt of pale blue lighting like a ball of barbed wire that made me hide my head in my hands as I sat at dinner with Vince, several blocks to the northwest.

There is no more steeple, now. They worked day and night, seven days a week for months to remove it. I should post all the pictures I took of its unbuilding.

I miss the steeple.

Better days ahead. And worse, too, right?



  1. I hope that removing damaged property is the worse that there is. & that insurance issues don't hurt too many.

  2. Did one person do all those pumpkins?

    1. It's the work of artist Jane Greengold. She does many herself, but this year (at least) she posted a flyer on the fence requesting pumpkins and outlining specifications. The NY Times has many pieces on Ms. Greengold and this delightful annual display that grows more grotesque every day.

    2. Thank you, Anonymous II - are you the same as the first Anonymous I?

    3. Sorry, I am the first Anonymous. I hit the wrong button...again, sigh.

  3. It was this person who died from the lightning strike and subsequent damage to the tower:
    "One pedestrian, Richard Schwartz, 61, a lawyer on the New York State attorney general’s staff, had been walking or taking shelter under the scaffolding and was struck by either the collapsing scaffolding or debris and died later at Long Island College Hospital."

  4. I forgot to add: may he rest in peace.

  5. Impale a pumpkin. I bet they look freaky as they break down.


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