Friday, November 9, 2012

Cold weather greens

The trout lettuce doesn't like snow, much. The spinach couldn't care less.


  1. Can't you just see the vitamins and minerals fighting to get out. There is something about spinach that just looks and feels healthy - all that and it tastes wonderful! sometimes i think it is the perfect veggie.

    hope things are starting to get better for your neighbors to the south and east. Know this has been a trial for you all.

  2. the trout lettuce and I are going to take a swim in a hot bathtub at the end of this long day.
    I agree,— Long live spinach!

  3. I have pansies as my winter vegetable at the moment competing for space with the strawberries and herbs in my window boxes on the railing.

    Any thoughts about new experimental plants for the next season? The cold weather always becomes dream time for gardeners.

  4. Spinach is an amazing veg, one of my fave's - so good for you too, raw or cooked. Ask Popeye : )


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