Friday, November 23, 2012

Dinner, in increments

Thanksgiving: All parties were very pleased by the goose.


  1. this looks so scrumptious- did your apartment get smoke filled from the goose fat cooking? What is the cake? I love the photo with the champagne glasses and blender: the elegant normal. Cooking, styling, recording the event, it must have been a full day.

  2. Just gorgeous. Happy thanksgiving to the three of you.

  3. webb - indeed, a silent goose.

    Sara, ha, no styling I'm afraid, but plenty of cleaning in the small space used for cooking. No smoke from fat - the goose roasted at 350' for 3 hours, and had wine and orange juice in its roasting dish too.

  4. (Thanks, Rosie!)

    And cheese cake - pumpkin puree, cream cheese, sour cream, sugar, powdered ginger, cinnamon and sweet fern bourbon...we could not eat it last night!

  5. It all looks truly scrumptious - I often wonder how you manage to get such a warm glow with your kitchen pictures

    1. Thank you, Elaine.

      I'm afraid the "warm glow" is merely the combination of the time of day (dark)and the single light above the stove, in the hood. I turn off the spotlights in the ceiling.

      I do like the directional effect but the lack of decent lighting is the bane of my apartment-photography existence! So I have to maximise the domestic still life potential :/


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