Tuesday, November 13, 2012

At the beach

Do you know what this space is? Or used to be? Visit the Frenchman to find out.


  1. Dietsch and I used to love to take a random weekday off work, hop on the train and head out to the Rockaways for the day. Always off-season, when the beaches were empty and the brisk wind made our cheeks burn. I've been trying to locate copies of the photos I took on those trips, but now, I think they'd just make me sadder.

  2. My guess (which was wrong) was the old dump on Staten Island. Bet it might look similar again. What a tragedy. xoxo

  3. girl.. iknew it had to be. was just talking to a ranger yesterday about that pile.

  4. Wow... : ( so sorry for all who have a connection to this place x


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