Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cooking with wild foods

Common milkweed - Asclepias syriaca; pokeweed - Phytolacca americana; wild lettuce - Lactuca canadensis; field garic - Allium vineale; bayberry - Myrrica pensylvanica

There are five two spots left for my Cooking with Wild Foods class at the BBG on the 18th.

And I suddenly realized that I'd better check how many of the attendees are vegetarian. They will not be impressed with my field garlic beef curry and knotweed-roasted chickens...

Corn was wild, once, you know.


  1. : D it's so nice when we herbivores are considered. Not as an after-thought but up there with the rest for a change

  2. Because I am curious, can, or rather would, you identify the greens on your towel? Is the first one a type of sage and the third dandelion? I'm just guessing...btw, going backwards for the comments is a bit odd.


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