Monday, January 9, 2012

Walkers in the mist

The walk on top of Silvermine (above Muizenberg) started at about 6.30 in the morning on Sunday (that's a 5am wake up call, gasp). Clouds were pouring over the mountain from the sea.

Behind us, to the southwest, bits of blue showed that the rest of Cape Town was having a very different, 30'C day.

Higher up we walked in the cloud with smaller wisps skating past us like ghosts. Every minute furry leaf was wet with moisture.

With no view to contemplate, our eyes were drawn down to find flowers.

Delphi, Claudia, Brenda and Helen and Liparia splendens - mountain dahlia.

Secret footprints in the clean sandy path ahead of us. Perhaps mongoose.

Blue Aristea africana on the sandy mountain top.

We paused under a wonderful rock to have breakfast, and I photographed the moss and lichen composition below.

Almost better than clear blue sky, I think.

After the walk, a couple of minutes of driving and the sun shone from a blue, hot sky. That's Cape Town.

It was only 11am, and I had a lunch to go to.

The flower (and lunch) post will follow. Still sorting.


  1. Thanks for sharing these photos and comments. Beautiful. ~ Beth in Seattle

  2. [sob]

    Never thought I'd miss bloody fog that much. But then again, that's not just any fog, it's the finest table cloth. ;-)

    You must have been chillier down there in the middle of your summer than we were up here Saturday, in the middle of our winter...

  3. such atmospheric pictures!- I can feel the damp cloud- beautiful x

  4. Ellen is going to love it! I am so jealous.

  5. Ooh-eee, some photos up already! Beautiful.

    Love, love, LOVE the shot of us all examining the dahlias.

  6. Beth - itwas seatle-ish weather :-)

    Beence, I know, double sob. I'm sorry :-( We were not that cold, oddly. The wind was about body temperature. Not even close to as cold as I was when we hiked there together.

    Karen - to go to your lunch was a HUGE contrast. So nice.

    webb - eep, I hope she will!

    Helen - I love that one too. It catches something. It was so nice hiking with strangers who had no issues stopping to look at things. Thank you.

  7. Special time of the day, special place. But 5.30am is bloody early.


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