Thursday, January 26, 2012

Half and Half

When I am visiting my parents my cocktail repertoire expands from everything-prosecco* to include the bottles in their liquor cabinet that time forgot. Like sweet vermouth. So here is a chilled glass of half sweet vermouth, half dry - in this case Noilly Prat, unavailable in this country. Who knows why. I sometimes bring a bottle over from New York. Shake the vermouths up with ice, strain, pour, and I add a thin slice of lime - this one from the tree in the garden. Sip it in the kitchen while things happen at the stove.

Prosecco, speaking of which: My serviceberry cocktail is featured in Cocktails in the Garden on Martha Stewart's At Home in the Garden. And keep an eye out for 66 Square Feet in the March edition of Martha Stewart Living!

(And yes, I have subsequently cut my hair. Good move.)
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