Thursday, January 19, 2012

Flower garden

Cape Town is panting audibly, like a hot dog. In the garden every flower is panting. Small pants (fuchsia), big pants (agapant-hus), whispery pants (gaura), wheezing pants (delicious monster), hysterical pants (crocosmia), calm pants (rose), discrete pants (lilies), excited pants (dahlia). There is  a lot of hot air out there. The sash windows of the house are thrown open in the late afternoons to admit the freshening breeze and are shut firmly at daybreak, the cool air still inside - with drawn curtains. The pool is mellow, the mountain a blur.


  1. Rubbing my cold hands together in appreciation.

    xo J.

  2. Just how hot is it? (In Fahrenheit, please...)

  3. webb - sizzle

    Jane - good :-)

    Ellen - around 90-96'F. But a little steamy for these parts. Thankfully, there is always an escape.


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