Sunday, January 8, 2012


While you look at pictures from a day in the garden I'll be diving back into the flower books, old friends from a year ago - reacquainting myself with names not considered for many months. Hermas villosa, Aristea africana, Thereianthus bracteolatus, and many more. A long early morning walk in the mist that poured over the mountains above Muizenberg provided me with lots and lots of pictures. Now I need some time to edit and identify.

The second chameleon sighting in the garden. He puffed himself up and curled his tail! A chameleon with attitude.

Gardenia thunbergii opens in the late afternoons and has faded by morning.

Gooseberries ripening.

And the private security company on patrol.

And always, the mountain.


  1. Just fell in love with a gooseberry.

    xo J.

  2. Please ask Mr. Chameleon to stick around until I get there!

  3. Oh that mountain...there is nothing like it anywhere...I lived in Sea Point on one side of the mountain when I was studying at UCT on the other side of the mountain...and would gaze at the various moods and attitudes of it for the entire 45 min bus trip twice a day...if you could see it through the clouds...or rain...or both...always through a glass darkly.
    It impact on climate and society dominates most every aspect of life there like no other natural feature does in a modern city...particularly the gardening.

  4. Another place on my list... :)

  5. Beence :-) xxx

    Bow Steet - as I type it does; it's dark, and somethinf is wafting in through my window. I think it may be the heliotrope. No! It's a shrub my mom planted outside my window. Rats. Must find name. Indigenous. Night-scented.

    Jane - I wonder if they mail well?

    Ellen - he's coy.

    Mal - the only thing I miss about my horrible High School- Rustenburg: ugh!ugh!ugh!) is the view of Devil's Peak. I may have to go back just to photograph it.

    jelli - yes, Cape Town belongs on a List!


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