Saturday, January 28, 2012

Beautiful thing

When I noticed this strange flower growing in the greenbelt near my parents  house it yelled, all 6 inches of it, Weeeeeeed! An intricately arranged, lovingly designed weed. And loved by aphids. In fact, perhaps a milkweed - Asclepias*. Not one I have ever seen.

I visit that area of pine trees regularly, hoping against hope for a repeat of last year's chicken of the woods, which we found in February. I have not given up.

10.20pm - Update: Asclepias, yes. Weed, no. Then again, how are we defining a weed? To me it's an invasive exotic. Asclepias crispa is not exotic, but South African. Thank you iSpot, once again.


  1. Yes indeed, it is a beautiful thing - I would love to know what it is...
    Many of the Asclepiads have wonderful flowers so I think you are right there.

  2. First thing I thought was "Asclepiad!" But I'm not sure the pollinia are exactly right. Let's figure it out! Was there any milky sap if you broke off a leaf?

  3. A weed is only a plant in the wrong place :)


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