Friday, April 30, 2010

Visi Magazine and 66 Square Feet

Visi Magazine features a four season, multiple age spread of 66 Square Feet in its April 201o edition!

Here's a taste of the Urban Eden (Balkonboer, in Afrikaans) article that editor Johan van Zyl wrote.


  1. I love that birds-eye view! So beautiful!

  2. Thanks so much for this post and the links to the lovely slide show. All is beautiful and of course, the muy guapo Estobo is posed tranquilly.

  3. Great article! I really enjoy reading about your terrace as I am also gardening in a small space. I think you have an incredible eye and I can't wait to see more photos of your work.

  4. Well aren't you just full of surprises! Opera!
    And now I am intrigued by life #3.
    The candle quote is one of my all time faves.
    Have a great weekend...scatches to el gato, please.

  5. Lily Hydrangea - yes, that was lucky lighting an everything in bloom.

    Donatella - Estorbo was the star of the terrace.

    opera glass - thank you. Working on it :-)

    Karen - I have passed on the chin scritches, and am not bleeding yet. I am also intrigued by life number three.

  6. The link would not open for me. Hmmm...I have had some browser problems..I'll try later.

  7. dinah - try dumping your cookies. I'm using Firefox - so far so good, but now I clean cookies every day.

  8. Well, I did get the link to open. And,yes, I now clear cache AND cookies, and also run 2 anti-nasty scans on a daily basis. Just as well the cats get me up so early!

    While I'm here...this is a link to another SA woman, in France. She has 2 blogs-one for food and one for art

    you might enjoy her blog(s)

  9. Two Visis were posted(mailed) to you a few days ago and should arrive soon

  10. my nephew was an opera singer in his first life too....was at Juilliard for a time, where he met his wife..a soprano (they are no longer together..turns out once a diva, always a diva in some casess).... .... but, now...he happily operates heavy machinery in small town Vernon, B.C. ..... doing large scale gardening....

  11. Wonderful article and great pictures. So glad to see the top-down view to get a better idea of your whole space. It looks so large from that view point!


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