Monday, April 5, 2010

Cadman Plaza

The busy Henry Street turn-off from the Brooklyn Bridge to Brooklyn Heights meets the end of the green of Cadman Plaza, which in turn meets the footpath from the Brooklyn Bridge's eastern end, and here, between traffic and trees, is this very pretty public planting.

I missed the witch hazel, almost my favourite little tree because of the cold desolation in which it always blooms, and the Cornus mas is almost past bloom, but the white flowering quinces are still full of flowers and the magnolias are just getting started. Bulbs are a riot.

We had supper on the terrace last night for the first time this year. Candlelight and lamb and delicious roast asparagus, and while Vince had a second helping I hunted snails by torchlight. He chewed lamb manfully while snails whizzed over his head.

I have ordered some lilies from Brent and Becky's (cutting it a little fine): formosas, Lilium superbum (native) as well as a pink Begonia grandis - which I've never grown myself, but for which I advocate in shady places. It has a beautiful, loose form and delicately graceful, pendulous flowers. I might add some to the steps of the brownstone...
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