Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Last night's dinner

Bagna cauda, with a new carrot-cooking technique developed by Jim. Slowly caramelize in bottom of bowl, eat 10 minutes later. While we dipped the cat went berserk with potent Greenpoint nip, delivered by his new dealer in a baggy.

The girls: 6 potatoes sliced underneath, with a little olive oil and salt and pepper. Two birds, stuffed with salt, terrace thyme and a slice of lemon each. A cup of Muscat grapes, halved and sprinkled over potatoes and birds. One lemon's juice, salt and pepper again. A cup of water in the pan. Into a 450' oven. These roasted for nigh on 2 hours, and I turned the heat down 2/3's of the way in. Also added a little more water. I don't baste.

Vincent's SECOND helping of fool. I cooked the rhubarb down with sugar and water, strained the syrup for our Prosecco cocktails before dinner and kept the pulp for the fool, whisked into beaten cream. I added creme caramel to the menu, but my oven doesn't do low heat and it was leathery on the top where it met too-hot air.

Lovely evening, with Bonbon, Jim and I weepy with laughter at Don Estorbo's expense ("I use' to rule a corntree. Now I yam weareen' a wornsey!" Well, it was extremely funny at the time. Estorbo was modeling his red vest for the benefit of our guests). But we also planned his campaign trail and figured out that we'd become rich by devoting ourselves to his career rather than to ours...

This is what happens when your friends know your cat's inner voice on the interwebs before they know you.

The Frenchman stood by his cat and looked at us a little sternly. Cat-drugs, hyenic laughter, t-t-t. This morning we all have a bit of a headache.


  1. Well, Marie, the guy who shot the YouTube video of his woozy son after the kid's dentist visit has managed to parlay that into more than $100K.

    With Estorbo's fan base, my bet is that you guys can far exceed that sum. To paraphrase Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard, "Waiting for my close up, Mr. deMille."

  2. I hope Beence stopped at seconds of that fool?

  3. estorbo is nobody's rhubarb fool! he will make you pay dearly for the chance to exploit heem further!
    Winner of best evening of 2010 hands down.
    It may have been the prosecco talking but was storbie actually calling jim "Hector" while wearing a red onesie?
    i thought so. next time on our 66 sq feet.

  4. Hi Karen - Huh! Shame! I do have a woozy video of the poooooor cat after he went to the vet a year ago.

    jvdh - it was lekker, though not well photographed. Too much nip.

    Dinahmow, well he had some for breakfast next morning, ick :-)

    Bonbon - Yeah, I definitely heard him say Hector :-) I believe he did make Jim bleed early in the evening?


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