Friday, April 23, 2010

Getting the Pretty Back

I was just sent a link to an interview in Wine Enthusiast where my friend Molly sings out about my bouillabaisse. Eep! as the cat would say.

Maybe it's time to make it again. Definitely a once-a-year deal.

I wish I had a bigger terrace. It's really best eaten out of doors, with good friends, candles and an evening breeze in one's hair. Or across one's scalp, in the smooth Frenchman's case...

Molly's new book, Getting the Pretty Back, complete with bouillabaisse recipe, and some, will be in stores next week. I have not read it yet.

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  1. So cool! And my, does she look stunning and timeless on that book cover. Getting the pretty back is right! Will she float away in that dress?? :)


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