Tuesday, April 27, 2010

David Austin roses by mail

They say by mail, but it's really UPS.

These two huge boxes arrived Monday from David Austin. One said This way up and was the Other way up. Panic. I hustled them onto the terrace, keeping the upside down one sideways.

First, Eglantyne. I had wanted Alnwick but it was sold out. The rose was in full bloom. In a box! From Texas!

I was really surprised. Talk about instant gratification.

Next, the sideways rose. I don't know what happened, but it hadn't been squashed. Either it had been packed upside down, or inspected en route, but whoever had handled it subsequently, had done well.

More luscious roses. It took one week, from placing the order last Monday to receiving the shipment, which left the Lone Star State on Wednesday.

I am impressed.

I had ordered containerised roses after catching sight of that option on the David Austin website at the last moment before ordering bare root roses. The $13 difference in price seemed worth the extra size, though I am curious to know what a bare root would look like after one season. I'll have to keep an eye on Deb's roses, which arrived last week.

I've just seen that standard roses are available, too, as bare root, budded at 3 feet. Rats! Perfect for the corner where I'm putting one of the roses. That rose's back will be to the walls and I foresee leaf loss and possible black spot issues there. It should get 6 hours of sun. Taller would have been better.

Desire, desire, desire.
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