Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Cheese supper

The winner in last night's cheese off (with a side of fennel saucisson) was definitely Lagrein - a Northern Italian cows' milk cheese smelling pleasantly of grassy hillsides and drifting leaves. The official tasting notes say something completely different. But my palate and official tasting notes never do concur.

The cat preferred the Taleggio.

Oh - salad tip: shave strips of Bosc pear with a carrot peeler and mix them with finely-sliced fennel. Dress with lemon and olive or walnut oil, surround with greens (in this case, peppery cress and sunflower shoots). I also used some of my knotweed pickles from last year - very spicy, very good foil for the sweet ear and anise-y fennel.

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