Thursday, January 16, 2014


Last night's shopping from The Wild Olive.

Callaloo. I can't see the word without hearing Bill Cosby.

(Fast forward to 8 minutes and 20 seconds, about three quarters of the way through video:)


I bought the can to see what is really inside. Because callaloo is the Jamaican name for pigweed (probably Amaranthus palmeri, I've learned recently - a very tall pigweed, and maybe the one I bought in bunches at Wild Olive soon after we moved to Harlem), and I am gathering intel on edible weeds - one of my favourite subjects, as many of you know.

 But callaloo also the name for another plant - taro (its huge tubers are widely sold local stores, too), and what I call elephant's ear, and properly Xanthosoma species. Not sure I'll be able to tell which plant it is, from canned leaves. 

The greens on the table are unrelated - arugula and mustard.

All of which makes me hungry.
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