Thursday, October 31, 2013

My own private island

For fun, we had supper at our new kitchen island. The cat wondered why we were so high up. Very inconvenient for chicken morsels. The levitating pan in the background contains hen of the woods/maitake mushrooms, waiting for the oven to cool a little so they can go on drying out. Today they will be pulverized and whipped into butter. Then I will feed them to a WNYC team. If they taste good enough. Also hen of the woods pâté. The soup...well, that's quite a long story.

The little grey knobs on the cabinets must be switched out. I can't use the pretty orange ones I have as they'd look horrible on that colour wood. Anyone want some door knobs? There are twelve, vaguely Moroccon.

We're getting there, inching along.
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