Monday, September 2, 2013

Alpine strawberries

In the spring I potted up a baby Alpine strawberry. It was growing apart in the main Alpine pot, after a fruit had dropped and self-seeded.

It has grown. And now there are lots of long, sweet strawberries. They taste like the artificial strawberry flavour of Marukawa gum

Someone - here - once suggested that artificial flavours are really memories of the original and now forgotten flavours of real fruit.

Their pot is also host to a small ant colony. Every day the ants send up a midden of fine soil in the middle of the strawberry plant.

Every day I water it down again. They don't seem to mind. Sometimes, rarely, they eat a strawberry.


  1. I am growing Mara des Bois strawberries, and they have a strange perfumed taste.

  2. I always thought grape flavored bubble gum and sweets were totally unlike true grape flavor until I tried concord grapes. So sweet, sugary and fragrant. I then understood what those artificial flavors were referencing.

  3. I have a similar arrangement with some ants in residence in one of my pots . Live and let live : )


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