Monday, September 2, 2013

Alpine strawberries

In the spring I potted up a baby Alpine strawberry. It was growing apart in the big pot, its own, small self.

It has grown. And now there are lots of long, sweet strawberries. They taste like the artificial strawberry flavour of Marukawa gum

Someone - here - once suggested that artificial flavours are really memories of the original and now forgotten flavours of real fruit.

Their pot is also host to a small ant colony. Every day the ants send up a midden of fine soil in the middle of the strawberry plant.

Every day I water it down again. They don't seem to mind. Sometimes, rarely, they eat a strawberry.


  1. I am growing Mara des Bois strawberries, and they have a strange perfumed taste.

  2. I always thought grape flavored bubble gum and sweets were totally unlike true grape flavor until I tried concord grapes. So sweet, sugary and fragrant. I then understood what those artificial flavors were referencing.

  3. I have a similar arrangement with some ants in residence in one of my pots . Live and let live : )


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