Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The rooftop blueberry

The good news is that my summer pruning of the blueberry worked out very well. It put out a lot of new growth well ahead of the cold weather (so it had time to toughen up), and now there are lots of flowers. I gave it a thick mulch last fall of freshly ground coffee (Cafe Bustelo!), which would give it a nice hit of of acid and perhaps more caffeine than a blueberry requires.

The bad news is that my neighbour Danielle's blueberry seems kaput. Her whole terrace seems kaput. I must make enquiries. She may just have been too busy to garden. But my blueberry needed her blueberry for cross pollination. So there's that.

Also - no bees. I have not seen a honey bee, yet. We all know by now (don't we?) that bees are in deep doo-doo. Which means that we are, too. Dire doo-doo.

So, in this here microcosm of the macrocosm, I need bees, and I need another blueberry.

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