Sunday, May 5, 2013

Our furry friend

Estorbo on the terrace, yesterday

This morning we drop Estorbo off at The Animal Endocrine Clinic on West 100th Street. From there he will be taken to their clinic in Bedford Hills in Westchester where he will become an atomic kitty.

Gulp. His hyperthyroidism has been well controlled with medication for almost two years but the last few months have been rough. So we bit the bullet, his friends and blog fans pitched in, and we think he's receiving the best care a New York cat can buy.

Which is the best care, anywhere.

We hope.

After we drop him off (with his carry on) Vince and I will take a drive, as therapy, we know not where. We'll try and get lost. A bit hard since we both have internal compasses. But we don't have a plan. The woods and fields of Westchester should have some good edible things in them, and spring is rushing in...

And of course we have a picnic.

We're not sure when we'll see Storbie again. Hopefully in five days, when his glow-in-the-dark qualities have abated to within acceptable levels.

Vaya con Dios, gatito.
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