Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Flowers and lemons

I am late. Like that rabbit. I chose to stew in my publishing juices yesterday (...also a little like a rabbit, but a less active one) and so failed to hook up with the flowerathon hosted at Small but Charming.

But, like that actress I knew who would arrive an hour late and make her entrance just as everyone else's sobriety was teetering on the edge as they drank to fill in the time, Here I am: Flowers! In the house.

I know. Tulips, February. But I have been loving them.

The books. Claudia Roden's is an old favourite, The New Book of Middle Eastern Food. I have begun to investigate The Lebanese Kitchen - a beautiful book, with some mistakes in the recipes, but very interesting ideas, some of which are new to me. I have not yet dived into Naomi Duguid's Burma, but can't wait.
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