Friday, November 2, 2012

The southern tip

In the battery Park Bosque, amsonia has survived the salt water flood. Grasses did well, too, but most of the plants are toast.

Bear in mind that salt water has soaked into the soil. This is Tricyrtis - toad lily. Curious to see who they look in a week.

Flattened and salted heuchera.

The topsoil has been washed away, too.

The first, test ferry arriving. Service may resume today.

The harbor.

The closed subway.

The flooded, four lane underpass.


  1. I was reading through yesterday's comments regarding the pear trees and comments -including mine. It is good to have "normal" conversation in the midst of so much devastation. It help keeps the balance in life - those ordinary moments. It keeps us mindful of the blessings of ordinary days. My heart goes out to all of you in the New York and New Jersey areas as well as up and down the East Coast. Prayers that you can all return to ordinary days soon.

  2. Wow. Thanks for these updates, Marie. I've been thinking about the Battery gardens - the Conservancy are wonderful partners with NYC Wildflower Week. So so sad.

  3. Thanks for showing these pictures of the devastation of the plants and the soil. The scale of it is less notable compared to flooded subways and roads, and loss of homes, but the brackish areas, the subtle ecosystems, the fuel in the water itself, the salt on the land, to me it just makes me weep. I'm one of those people who finds solace in nature, I will continue to do so because somehow it is smarter than I am, and I need all the wisdom I can get. (Thanks, 'storby.) and yes, we need more trees, so lets ask the experts which ones to put on the city streets next, instead of the pears that go kerplop.

  4. Blue Star Amsonia hubrichtii in the first pic?

  5. I wonder if that generous billionaire has realised what it will cost, in $$ and time, to restore much of this?

    It's the here and now that is so heart-breaking.Come spring, I will be following your camera,knowing how you will see things, what small triumphs you will find. And share.

  6. We're going to be starting to heavily water the Battery Bosque and Gardens of Remembrance tomorrow and through the beginning of the week. We had turned off the irrigation for the season and it took a couple of days to organize and get the irrigation guys to come out and turn it on again. Then on Wednesday we'll have a load (70 cubic yards) of soil delivered to replace the soil lost when the tidal surge came through.

    Sara - yes it is Amsonia hubrichtii in that picture. We've got several that still look good even after their soaking.


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