Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The objective view

Look familiar?

Backwards, maybe?

66 Square Feet and New York Harbor, from across the road.

A little while ago I left an enveloped note on the doorstep of our across-the-road neighbours, whom I'd never met, to ask if, maybe, they'd let me up onto their roof to see what the terrace loos like from there.

(As it turns out, small! And look, Danielle's terrace next door was painted to match.)

Kindly, they emailed back. They had just moved in, are still busy gut-renovating their top floor apartment, and today I was invited over to take a quick look for future reference, as Thanksgiving's culinary preparations took place in amongst the builders in their apartment.

I thought it might be interesting to sneak one picture from this angle into the book, before it goes to the printers (it is being designed, as we speak). Spring would be prettier, of course: roses. But I'm about to put up holiday lights for the first time, and perhaps a sepia glow as the sun goes down, with twinkly lights, might be nice.

Or pathetic. Hard to say.

And that strip of beige around the tiny window is really annoying, now. I never see it. That's the colour the whole thing used to be.

Man. It's small.
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