Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I never liked locust trees, much, starting with the name.

I suppose it's better than cockroach trees.

But I appreciated them this year, their early, thick yellow a perfect match for cabs, whose drivers believe they are invisible when parked beneath such a tree; their layered and mosaic-ed carpets on the concrete and bluestone sidewalks.

And if I remember to look up, in June, there will be bunches of white flowers. Fragrant, and edible.


  1. Terrific photo. I wonder why they were given such an ugly name? You probably know the reason...

  2. I think they're a bit 'rugged' for street trees, but I do admire their deep black bark when wet in Autumn.

    Maybe it's that they multiply like locusts. Check out their suckering.


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