Thursday, January 12, 2012

Chameleon days

Cape dwarf chameleon. Not in the garden, this time, but in a Kiggelaria africana (wild peach), site of the mass chameleon sightings last year.

Look at the mosaic around the mouth. I'd like an outdoor shower like that. In amongst the cool leafed delicious monsters in my courtyard garden in the Bo Kaap. Or Muizenberg. For instance.

I've always wanted a courtyard garden. And to sleep on a roof, under African stars.


  1. He's looking at you. oh and you and you and you over there. It's all in the eyes.

    Loved the photography of Karens party by the way.

  2. Bliss. Thank you. That's Yoda. They all have names. Stretching, he is. Miss him. ;-)

  3. Thanks, Rob :-)

    Beence - he was very stretchy

    Bow Street - yes, it is possible to pick them up, but not kind - they are still wild animals and even getting close to them stresses them.

  4. Very good job with the close-up of him. It would be such fun to have a garden with such interesting visitors.

  5. Aw, now I feel bad just thinking about it!!!

  6. He's gorgeous! I feel like real live lizards would be so exotic. His coloring is unreal! Beautiful shots. I love your thought that he's mosaic tiled...he sure does look it. Never thought of that before though. Made me smile. :)


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